”The only thing which seems to be, are my feet,  nosing their way over the ruins, travelling over the deposits. Forming patterns, paths, tracks.”

”Sometimes we have the strength to give a helping hand, sometimes we are brave enough to dare to lean on a fellow companion. Sometimes we travel in silence because each step is a risk for our lives.”

”In protection of the darkness, we crossed the water. Some were still, hardly breathing. Others nervously rushing to and forth, as in indecisiveness whether their agony was about the future or what they left behind.”

”To go through hell together can sometimes create strong bonds and sometimes it breaks us into pieces and we trust no one. Even during our darkest hours there can be moments of affinity and fellowship, joy and cheerfulness.”

”Do we ever reach something we can call a final destination? How far do we have the strength and willingness to go? With our hearts pounding in our hands, we are very much alike each other, you and I, them and us. We.”

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